Errol Flemm grew up in London, the son of a banker, thrilling to the tales of the pirates of the Spanish Main written by the mysterious Storyteller.


After an unfortunate incident which burned down half (Flemm

says it was more like 2/5ths) of the Queen's Palace at Whitehall, Flemm's father gave him some money and sent him to the New

World to fulfill his dream of becoming a real pirate.


Flemm talked his friend Mr. Sneeze (an accountant in

Flemm's father's bank) into coming along with him.


Once in Port Royal, Flemm added the mute Poco Boco

to his crew. Poco served before in the crew of the evil

pirate Cutthroat Jacques, who cut out his tongue. Poco Boco communicates by writing on a chalk board in Pig Latin.


Flemm soon learned that the final piece to becoming

a real pirate was to be granted a parrot by the

Parrot Review Board ...his fondest desire!


He has his own ship, The Sea Anemone, but he can't pronounce the name. Flemm is sometimes aided by the beautiful-but-deadly Sea Queen.

How The Wannabe Pirates Came To Be…

The Wannabe Pirates began life as a home movie in 2003.


McCrary had just bought a new Mac that came with iMovie and decided to make a funny pirate movie with his friends and family. “The Wannabe Pirates and Henry Morgan’s Treasure” starred McCrary as Flemm and his friend Steve Barnett as Mr. Sneeze.


Originally, it seemed I would not be able to be involved in the filming, so my contribution was going to be a cartoon title sequence with animated versions of the main cast. This turned out to be too big a challenge and in the end, it ended up being static cartoons, but I really liked the way the cartoon versions of the characters looked.


As it happened, I was able to be a part of the movie, by filming myself as a creepy Storyteller who narrated the movie.

Mark R. Largent as the creepy old Storyteller from "The Wannabe Pirates and Henry Morgan's Treasure" movie. To the right are the character designs for the cartoon versions.

Mark McCrary and Steve Barnett as the "real" Errol Flemm and Mr. Sneeze from McCrary's home movie.

In 2007, I was first dipping my toes into the waters of 3D animation and in looking for a project to work on, I remembered those character designs of The Wannabe Pirates. I called McCrary and asked him if he'd be interested in working on an animated short that could be a sequel to the first. McCrary was game and we began working on a short that was to be called "The Wannabe Pirates and the Indescribable Treasure of the Coconut King."


As I worked on creating the models for the characters, the idea of doing several shorts was put forth and eventually the idea came up of doing a webcomic with the characters. The idea would be that these could be done concurrent with the shorts and allow us to tell more stories and let's face it, webcomics aren't nearly as hard to do as animation.


McCrary and I met and discussed what could be done with the characters and situations since they were no longer bound by the limitations of real people in front of video cameras.


In February of 2008, The Wannabe Pirates webcomic was launched! However, by the summer of 2009, McCrary was more interested in working on another comic project than continuing the webcomic. After some soul-searching, I decided to put the animated shorts off and use the 3D elements I'd created to continue the webcomic.

About the Creators…
Mark R. Largent

Largent is a graphic designer who lives near Dallas, Texas. He spends most of what most folks wouldn't consider a life, toiling away on his computer, creating 3D animated puppets. Largent loves old time radio, comic books, old cartoons and Star Trek.

Mark McCrary

Largent and McCrary met in 1983, when they were in high school and almost immediately started making comics together. In 1994, they self-published the two-issue mini-series, Mister America and in 1997, they self-published the graphic novel, Greyhawk and the Starbucklers of the Caribbean.

McCrary is a preacher who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He has a wife and three children and is reasonably well-adjusted (if one doesn't factor in his love of all things Pirate.) McCrary also loves comic books, Star Trek and Doctor Who.

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